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Dear Yuletide Writer

Yesss, it's Yuletide! The first section of this letter is lterally copy-and-pasted from last year, because I'm lazy.

In general, I tend to prefer light-hearted stories over angsty or dark ones. I like shippy fluff, but I also like characters who are very bad at saying 'I love you' by using their words, rather than er, just shooting, hacking, or insulting someone, so ... in some of these cases, fluff may be in the eye of the beholder?

RED (movies)Collapse )

Samurai Deeper KyoCollapse )

The Archangel Protocol Series - Lyda MorehouseCollapse )

Burnt (2015)Collapse )

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Your Teacher is Now a Zombie

Finished watching the anime Soul Eater this weekend, which was a lot of fun overall, though in the second half of the series, things felt a bit slow sometimes. (This episode: the heroes sneak into the bad guy's hideout! Proceed to the next episode to see them come face to face with the bad guy! Don't miss the one after that where they'll talk and fight a bit with the bad guy, but if you want to see how that fight ends, you'll need to keep watching for yet two more episodes!)

The soundtrack was pretty awesome, and I feel like I've got the line, "Let's go! Soul Resonance!" (with accompanying background tune) stuck in my memory forever.

Also: my favorite character survived and did not turn evil, which is always a nice bonus.

Also: um, is anyone taking part in [community profile] smallfandomfest and capable of downloading the spreadsheet of requests as an excel file by any chance? It keeps not working for me, and I'd really like a spreadsheet I can check without needing to have an active and stable internet connection.

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my favorite Minion actually speaks English

Megamind is still the only movie I've ever seen where misprounouncing a city's name carries near-fatal consequences.

It's also definitely the fluffiest, funniest portrayal of What Happens When the Bad Guy Wins. (Short answer: he has fun for a couple of days, but then ennui sets in and he mopes around, being bored, bored, bored.)

My rewatch of The West Wing has reached the fourth season, and I've realized that I really, really ship Sam and Ainsley, even though it would probably never work out. (Also: Toby/Sam. And maybe Josh/Sam, although that's more a case of 'well, they're old friends and both fun characters, so why not?'.)

It's fun to see the guest stars, though - thus far, I've spotted Gibbs from NCIS, Sarah Ross from RED and Agent Coulson from the MCU. (He's an agent on TWW, too. Of course.) Also: Ian McShane, who I don't think of as any specific character, but just as ... Ian McShane?

My copy of Connie Willis's latest novel Crosstalk arrived some days ago. Looking forwards to reading it, although it might be another couple of months.

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dancing the stray dog strut

Tinkered with Tumblr for a bit, which seems good for finding stuff, but less good for actually talking to people? I like that you can follow searches/tags, though, because it means you can just, well, do that, instead of hunting down people who might post about that one fandom you share, but are more likely to post about the two dozen you don't.

(On the other hand, the 'I don't know this fandom, but X mentioned it and it sounds pretty cool' feels like more of a feature than a bug on DW/LJ? So ... I don't know.)

I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies this weekend, which was possibly a mistake because I don't like either zombie movies or Jane Austen novels. (Um. I tried Northanger Abbey once, years and years ago, but it wasn't my thing and I never tried again, after) but it had Douglas Booth in it, whom I wanted to see in something else after Jupiter Ascending (as one does?) and, well, he was in this?

The zombies left me only a little bit afraid to leave the house while it's still dark out, so that was good. The romance didn't work for me, which was less good. It's just - spoilersCollapse )

So now I'm comforting myself with Georgette Heyer's The Grand Sophy and a rewatch of The Man From UNCLE (movie). (Well, Illya and Napoleon have something at first sight, anyway. Although it's really the Gaby-Illya that gets me every time.)

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So long and thanks for all the fish!

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RL has been a bit crazy these past days weeks months, so my spare time's been a bit limited.

It seemed a good time to fully move to DW, although I may reconsider that within the next 30 days, like the indecisive person that I am.

Fandom-wise, I watched the first few episodes of the Nikita reboot, which I enjoyed for Maggie Q being badass and sexy. It's not enough to make me sure I want to get the rest of the series (I'm ... not really into shows where everything is Serious Business, Drama and Tragic Pasts) but we'll see.

Manga-wise, I treated myself to a reread of Ouran High School Host Club, which is still one of the most sheer fun manga I own. (This reread will be my first time reading the final volume. Ahem. Excitement mixed with 'but then it will really be over and I will not get to read new Ouran stuff ever again'?)

Bookwise, I'm wrapping up my reread of Jack McDevitt's Priscilla Hutchins series, which ... well, I really like that this is SF without any military aspect. It's strictly archaeology in space, exploring alien planets and civilizations and dealing with the bureaucracy/mundane stuff that comes with having a whole universe to explore.

And then something goes really, really wrong and we're suddenly in a slasher or disaster movie, and it's kind of cool and exciting, but also hey, I sort of liked that character and now they're dead?

And then we get to a planet where everyone's sort of polyamorous, except also 100% straight, and I'm ... a bit puzzled and wondering if the author's really that oblivious (it's less a statement of everyone being 100% straight and more a statement of 'these people have multiple sexual partners! and orgies sponsored by the local Philosophy Society!' and then only ever meeting guys appreciative of girls, and girls appreciative of guys). I like some other bits of these books, but ... this just feels weird and a little uncomfortable. (One throwaway line would have been enough! One! I'm easy!)

... Okay, maybe that bit bothered me a bit more than I thought, and I'm not actually that easy.

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